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    Australian's Allowed International Travel

    Are you an Australian who’s been stuck in India? Were you unable to return home when the pandemic gave a knock at your door? If yes, then here is all the vital information to show you some light at the end of this deep dark tunnel.

    From September, Australia has started Special flights from India to Australia services to take its citizens home.  If you or someone around you is stuck here and wants to fly back home, read this article carefully and reach out to us in case of any queries.

    Australia welcomes international passengers

    Australia, in order to tackle the pandemic conditions, decided to shut its borders for all the countries in 2020. No flights could go out or come to its land.

    Due to this many people were unable to return to Australia due to the travel ban. But now Australia has started special flights from India to bring such people back to their homes. Flights will be running on some selected dates in September.

    Select your flight from India to Australia 

    The Australian government is providing Special flight from India to Australia  booking services through Qantas Airlines website. Yes, you can book your ticket there but for now, they are all sold out and it’s hard to get a ticket because of the innumerous amount of bookings happening every second. It’s really a matter of sheer luck and if you are lucky enough, you might score a ticket.

    But fret not, there is an easier and more convenient alternative available. You can book your tickets through the reputed Sahara Travels flight booking from India to Australia services. We still have some bookings left, so you need to be quick and grab the opportunity before we are fully sold out for the month. The details of the flights are also given below!

    Sahara Travels India to Australia Flight-Schedule for September

    9th September  –Chennai – Brisbane

    28th SeptemberChennai – Brisbane

    Travel Regulations for International Travelers

    The government has given strict instructions regarding international travel.

    • The only people who can travel are
    1. Citizens of Australia
    2. Permanent Residents of Australia
    3. Immediate family members of a citizen from other nations.
    • A Covid-19 negative test report (‘PCR’ or ‘RT-PCR’ testing) is required 72 hours before the scheduled departure time of flight. Vaccinated travelers also need this report.
    • All the passengers and crew must wear a face mask during the flight.
    • There are ‘NO DIRECT FLIGHTS’ to Melbourne.
    • After reaching Sydney, international travelers from India are required to undergo mandatory quarantine at Sydney. After which, they will travel by road to the airport and take a flight to Melbourne.
    • ‘Hotel Quarantine’ in Sydney is considered to be ‘Green Zone’ and everywhere else is considered ‘Red Zone’.
    • As per the government directions, travelers in quarantine can only be in the green zone area and can’t go in the red zone area.

    Quarantine experience in Sydney is assured to be as good as in Melbourne.

    Australia took this appraisable decision on humanitarian grounds. So, for those who want to travel back to their home, hurry up, pack your bags and book your ticket before it’s too late. Please feel free to reach out to us for any query related to your upcoming travel plans.

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