What is the best way to visit Bali?

Bali is a beautiful island with a name that is so well-known that many people mistakenly believe Bali to be a country. It’s really only one of the many islands that make up the enormously varied nation of Indonesia, and it serves as a fantastic starting place for trips to Lombok and Flores.

Due to its beaches, recognisable rice terraces, volcanoes covered in jungle, distinctive culture, and friendly locals, Bali is by far the most visited island. Spend some time on the island of the Gods, and you’ll realise why people stay longer or keep returning because of the stunning sites and rich culture.


Getting to Bali

You can go to Bali by bus, boat, or aeroplane. Flying into Ngurah Rai International Airport or Denpasar International Airport is the most common way to travel to Bali. There is only one Bali airport, which is in Denpasar and has two names.

There is also the option of travelling by boat, with the most popular route departing from Java. Travelers frequently use boats to get between the two major islands. Finally, you can travel to Java via bus, which takes 23 hours, from Jakarta.


Circumnavigating Bali

There are several methods for getting around Bali, which is simple. Bali has no public transportation, therefore you will need to rely on private drivers, find drivers through apps, or ride a scooter. Fortunately, travel time is seldom longer than two hours unless you have long-term travel plans across the island, which shouldn’t be the case given the abundance of sights to visit and the desire to stop and stay in more than one or two locations.

It is recommended to arrange a transfer in advance, before you arrive in Bali, to travel from the airport to where you are staying. Online reservations for private airport transfers are relatively reasonable to travel from one location to another


To get from destination to destination

The least expensive way to get from one region to another is to use a Grab, Uber, or Go-Jek (the Indonesian equivalent of Grab/Uber). Although a price will be displayed, drivers will almost always try to haggle. So practise your haggling because this is usual.

Hiring a cab is the most expensive option; the most well-known and reputable taxi business is Blue Bird. Of course, you can rent a scooter and travel wherever you want if you feel comfortable doing so while hauling your luggage.

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